30-Day Social Media Challenge for Business Owners eBook + Workbook:
Optimize, Elevate And Gain Clients With Social Media



The fast-paced world of social media can feel overwhelming, with ever-changing algorithms and endless content streams. But what if you could gain the knowledge and skills to navigate it effectively in a month?

If you haven’t updated your social media in a while, or you’d like to learn how to optimize your business presence on social media platforms so you stand out or you’d like to learn how to turn social media viewers into customers, this 72-page eBook + daily guided course is for you!

The 30-Day Social Media Challenge for Business Owners eBook + Workbook comes with comprehensive tips and tools, easy-to-use templates and clear checklists to help you rise above your competitors on social media – and help you (finally!) feel like you know what you’re doing when it comes to your social media online presence!

From Day One of looking at your social media with fresh eyes in order to make empowering changes to Day 30 of seeing just how far your business and your social media presence has come in just a month, this eBook and guided course with templates and checklists provides everything you need to take your social media from ho-hum to WOW!

You’ll be guided step-by-step each day to elevate, optimize and revitalize your social media with clear, effective deliverables you can easily achieve while running your business.


The eBook/course includes: 

  • An empowering list of effective social media tools to use to make posting streamlined and easy and help you feel like a pro
  • How to do a clear audit of your social media accounts to get ready for a social media makeover
  • Checklist to identify, find and attract your ideal clients on social media
  • Choose social platforms wisely so you don’t get spread too thin
  • Create an engaging bio to turn viewers into clients
  • Determine your USP (unique selling point)
  • Map out and plan content creation so you’re not flying by the seat of your pants
  • How to create the “know, like, trust” factor on social media so potential clients are sold on your products or services – before you’ve even talked to them
  • Proven steps to engage your audience and create buzz for your business
  • The art of hosting a giveaway to draw new clients or customers to you
  • Create Instagram stories and carousels to grab viewer’s interest
  • Steps to promote your products and services in a compelling way
  • Set future goals to take what you’ve learned from the eBook/course and maximize it
  • And so much more! 

This 30-day social media eBook + Workbook offers a structured and focused approach to learning, empowering you to take control of your online presence and achieve your goals.

Imagine being able to confidently create engaging content, connect with your target audience, and build a thriving online community – all within a month!

This 30-day program provides the perfect balance of information and actionable steps, allowing you to see real progress in a short period.

With small daily tasks and clear objectives, you’ll stay motivated and avoid the common pitfall of feeling lost or overwhelmed by the vast amount of social media information available. With this 30-day course, you’ll transform your social media presence and reap the rewards of a strategic online strategy – including more possible clients!

30-Day Social Media Challenge for Business Owners eBook + Workbook