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Written by the founder of the
Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™,
this ebook contains the secrets to achieving success
in the business of pet sitting.

A note from Kristin about the book:

Dear Pet Sitter,

I wish I’d had this handbook when I started my pet sitting business back in 1995! This book is the culmination of my many years of learning the hard way — and often falling flat on my face — in order to realize what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a successful, stress-free, six-figure pet sitting business.

I wrote this book so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in terms of pet sitting business success. It is my intention that through these pages, you’ll find your own mastery and six-figure profit in the world of professional pet sitting! Pet sitting is an exciting and fun business, and by applying what I’ve written in this book, it can be a very lucrative and flexible one.

Although this book is primarily targeted to pet sitters who have already started their businesses, I have including some start-up information in Chapter 2 for those who need some business start-up tips. If you have already launched your pet sitting business, you can skip Chapter Two or give it a quick review to ensure you haven’t overlooked any important details.

I wish you much pet sitting business success!


Kristin Morrison
Founder, Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™


Chapter titles in the 220-page ebook "Six-Figure Pet Sitting: Catapult Your Pet Care Business to Unlimited Success":

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  1. Charting Your Course:
    Creating the Foundation to
    Build a Six-Figure Pet Sitting Business
  2. Getting Started:
    12 Start up Tips to Ensure Business
    Success from the Beginning
  3. The One-Hour Business Plan:
    Plan Your Work, Working Your Plan
  4. Because You’re Worth It:
    How Commitment and Self-Worth
    Lead to Net Worth
  5. For the Love of Money:
    Removing the Blocks
    to Let Financial Abundance In
  6. Rise and Shine:
    Creating a Morning Routine
    for Business Success
  7. Getting Organized:
    Daily/Weekly/Monthly Business
    Organization for Optimum Focus
  8. Show me the Money!
    Understanding and Working with
    Basic Business Financials
  9. You are What your Clients See:
    Creating Great Promotional Materials
  10. Get Pet Sitting Clients Now:
    Marketing and Selling that Generates Results
  11. You, the Employer:
    Secrets to Finding, Working with,
    and Keeping Good Staff Members
  12. Client Details in a Service-Based Pet Business:
    How to Provide Great Service and
    Train Your Clients on How to Treat You
  13. Happy Holidays:
    How to Have a Successful and
    Stress-free Pet Sitting Holiday Season
  14. Ready, Set, Goal!:
    Setting Goals to Achieve Pet Sitting
    Business Success
  15. Your R & R-Relief & Relaxation:
    Cures for Pet Sitter Burnout
    & Planning Time for Yourself
  16. The End:
    (But not really...)

Only $24.95