Contracts for: Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients

(Contains a 3-page contract)


This contract has been developed and fine-tuned by Kristin for her own pet sitting company use as well as for the thousands of pet sitters and dog walkers who have purchased it. What is available for you is a truly stellar contract!The contract is specifically designed for your pet sitting and dog walking clients, and this contract is effective in creating a solid foundation and structure for your pet care company.

Whether your pet sitting or dog walking business is brand new or has been around for years, this contract will assist you in setting proven policies with your pet sitting and walking clients. The contract clearly defines both summer / holiday cancellation policies and cancellation policies during the less-busy months. Contract also includes setting clear boundaries for your clients regarding solicitation of your staff for their own use without your involvement which will help you protect the business that you’ve worked hard to develop and create.

In addition to the cancellation policy and non-solicitation of staff by your clients, this contract also details what will and will not be covered should injury arise to staff member or client animal. This contract can also serve as a template for you to add your own unique policies so you can customize and edit it for your own company’s needs. Please note: by providing this contract, Kristin Morrison does not claim to provide legal advice. This contract will be sent to you immediately upon order. Don’t wait another minute to set the foundation for your pet sitting and dog walking business!

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