The Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ invites you to create and grow your pet sitting business from an entirely new perspective. The Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ will enable you to create a pet sitting business that works for your lifestyle and that meets your financial goals — year after year!

Hundreds of pet sitters have started and easily grown their pet sitting businesses to six-figures and beyond by using the business education, tools and techniques provided by the
Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy.™

Now you have the same opportunity.


  • How to start a pet sitting business-easily and effortlessly!
  • Inexpensive pet sitting marketing to get clients now
  • Identify/find your ideal pet sitting/dog walking clients
  • Higher profits/lower overhead in your pet sitting business
  • Win-win competitor relationships with other pet sitters
  • Burnout cures to have a pet sitting business and a life
  • Learn how to create solid cash flow every month
  • Pet sitting contracts and pet sitting agreements
  • Catapult your pet sitting business to six-figures (and beyond!)
  • Instant support and relief for all pet sitting staff/client problems
  • Proven techniques to hire great pet sitters/dog walkers
  • Discover pet business tools for freedom and financial success
  • Pet sitting start up kits and pet sitting hiring kits
  • Stop doing all the pet visits yourself and start delegating
  • Out-of-the-box business ideas for long-time pet sitters
  • Twelve-point checklist to create a 3-day pet sitting workweek


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Academy™ today and discover valuable tips and tools to create
and maintain a successful and ease-filled pet sitting business!


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