1900329_10201766744790356_774646537_o 2013 First Place Photo Winner Submitted by Cindy Chain Johnson of Bed and Biscuit Pet Care in San Antonio, Texas


The 2nd Annual Six-Figure Pet Sitting Book Photo Contest is back! :)

Here’s how it works (it’s easy):

1. Take a picture of your pet(s) with either on of the books Six-Figure Pet Sitting or Six-Figure Pet Business

2. Post your picture on our Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy Facebook pageor email it to me.

We’ll be picking the winners in June so submit your photo between now and May 31, 2014. Here’s our You Tube video to see last year’s photo entries and the the 2013 winners plus see what the BIG prizes will be for the 2014 winners:



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StickyWebsiteWebinarImageLargeI’ve been reflecting on the early days of running my 18-year pet sitting and dog walking business and remembering the (many) challenges I faced early on.

One of the most challenging was after I’d had a great pet sitting website created. I felt so proud of it (such a nice site!) but then I realized that no one (not even me) could find my business online. Yikes.

It was a beautiful day when, after spending months learning SEO, I was able to rocket my pet sitting website to the top of Google and other search engines. Oh happy day.

(And later I went on to help many other pet business owners get to the top of the search engines through my SEO coaching and SEO webinar.)

It was very rewarding for me watch invisible businesses get visible online in only a week or two after the SEO changes.

But here was the strange part: even though the pet business owners I coached on SEO were highly visible to their target clients (most of the people I worked with were now on the first page of the search engines after our work together), many of them weren’t experiencing the rush of new client calls or emails that we both thought they would experience.

It was very weird.

I could see from behind the scenes (in computer lingo that’s ‘AW Stats’) that my SEO clients now had tons of website viewers (a huge amount more viewers than they’d ever had in prior months before the SEO coaching). So why weren’t they getting many more client calls?

It didn’t make sense. At all.

My pet sitting business was getting a massive number of calls and emails since I’d made the SEO changes on my website. In fact, my business had shot through the roof.  And a handful of my SEO clients were experiencing tons of new client calls too. Why weren’t all my SEO clients getting lots of calls?

I began studying my SEO client websites and then I noticed some key differences between those of us that were getting lots of calls and those that weren’t.

I had my clients make simple changes to their website that, once made, began to result in many calls and emails!

Suddenly these same clients who had complained about hardly any calls after the SEO work were now contacting me needing help hiring more staff so they could handle the huge amount of business they now had!

(A good problem.)

The flood gates had opened and now, not only were these pet business owners high up on Google and other search engines but they were also experiencing a ton of client calls (as it should be!)

Here’s the thing: you can do all the marketing in the world but if your website doesn’t have the ‘sticky effect’ you aren’t going to get the client calls.

You want your viewers to be glued to your website and you want to call those viewers into action so they become your clients. Even making a few small changes to your existing website can quickly increase business.

My upcoming webinar will show you how to turn your website into a powerful money-making machine that it was meant to be by helping pet owners who find you online become your clients.

If you are ready to turn your website viewers into clients, this is the webinar for you.

Click to find out more and to sign up now for the How to Make Your Website STICKY webinar.

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Pet Sitter Burnout I’ve been thinking a lot lately about business burnout and how to recover from it.

There are two reasons I’ve been thinking about burnout:

1) I’ve been hired to speak about that topic at a pet business conference in Virginia in September (more details to come soon)

2) Many of my coaching clients have been ultra stressed this week and saying things on our coaching calls like:

“The texting and calling from pain-in-the-butt clients at two in the morning is driving me crazy!” and “That high maintenance client I told you about 3 months ago? She’s getting worse…she’s more and more demanding. I can’t take it anymore!”

Many of us caretaker types are drawn to start pet businesses out of a sincere desire to provide quality care for pets and their people. This is a good thing.

The ability and desire to take good care of other beings is something that pet owners can feel when they meet many pet business owners. They want their pet care provider to be an exceptional caretaker.

However…the caretaking quality in many business owners (is this you?) can also lead to an inability to say no to demanding clients and to not set boundaries where they need to be set.

I encourage you to think of your unruly clients like dogs who are in need of a good, tough love training session.

I have a friend who has two dogs that pee all over the house and hump my leg when I come over.


I love dogs. More than words on a page can ever express.

But you’d never know I love dogs if you were to see me at her house. I’m going to be straight with you here: I don’t want to be around her dogs. If I never saw them again, I’d be thrilled.

These dogs (no longer puppies but you’d never know it by their behavior) have never been told NO.

And because of that, no one (including me) wants to accept my friend’s dinner invitations because: every room in her house smells like dog urine, the house is a mess from the dogs gnawing everything in sight and the dogs (drum roll) hump your leg while you are sitting at the dinner table. Ah, now that’s appetizing, eh? Not really.

Difficult clients (like difficult dogs) need tough love and training and the N word. And guess what? Caretaker types have a hard time with tough love, training and the word no.

So this is, in some ways, a match made in Hell.

Caretaker types think being soft is the answer. But it’s not. Not with Difficult Clients. If you are soft with Difficult Clients they will take every ounce of your life energy and then beg for more. You have to be strong.

95% of your life energy can quickly become consumed with those 5% of clients that are difficult and demanding. And then you’ll have nothing left over for the vast majority of your clients who are easy and well-trained in the art of being a Good Client.

So…some of the steps to recovering from business burnout require becoming better at:

  • Saying No. Practice by yourself in the car or with your dog if you need to: “I’m sorry, I’m not able to…”
  • Be willing to let those Difficult Clients go.  I know. You are scared about letting the money go but don’t worry: more Good Clients will come along to fill the void because of a law of physics: nature abhors a vacuum. I believe we also get rewarded when we are courageous enough to take good care of ourselves in spite of the fear of letting go of money.
  • Set boundaries. (In a short and sweet way, without apology.) Send out an email to your clients: “Dear Clients, Due to not receiving some of your texts we are no longer accepting texts as a form of communication from you as we want to be sure that we receive your communication. Please contact us by phone or email only from now on. Thanks and have a good day.”

I’ll be writing more about this subject in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

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Okay, so I’ve had a number of you pet sitting and dog walking business owners contact me about having missed the “How to (Dramatically!) Increase Your Pet Business Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) webinar earlier this month. Some of you very sad and depressed about it.

No worries! :)  SEO-CD

The webinar recording is now available for instant download so you can watch and listen right now.

The webinar recording also comes with an 8-page SEO tips and tools sheet and a list of 75 FREE directories to list your pet sitting or dog walking business online.

Here’s the thing” SEO is the single most effective marketing action you can take in your pet business this year.

Google and other search engines are where your clients are looking for you. This webinar recording will turn your invisible business into being highly visible (most pet sitters and dog walkers who take the SEO actions I suggest go from being on page 2 or 3 on Google to being on page 1 (and sometimes even the 1, 2, or 3rd position on Google).

If one of your goals this year is to get more pet sitting and dog walking clients this is for you!

Click to find out more and to purchase the SEO for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers webinar recording.

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For years I’ve been offering private SEO coaching for pet sitters, dog walkers and dog trainers who want to get their pet sitting, dog walking and dog training websites high up on Google and other search engines.

I love working with pet business owners in this way because the results are usually so QUICK and PROFOUND.

The SEO pet business clients that I work with start out with websites that are impossible to find on the web to often (after only one SEO coaching session with me!) jumping to Page One of Google and the other search engines. It’s so rewarding for both of us!

In early November I was mulling over what webinar to do for December. It’s such a busy month -especially for pet sitters and dog walkers- and I pondered what webinar would make a profound difference for those of you who provide pet sitting, dog walking and dog training services and help you step powerfully into the new year?

I decided to create my SEO webinar for pet business owners as a way for everyone to be able to experience the benefits of knowing what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to catapulting to the top of Google and the other important search engines.

For only $30 ($40 if you sign up after this Saturday) you can learn all the tips and tools you will need to become highly visible and get that phone to ring off the hook from pet owners who find you online.

This webinar includes some goodies too!

  • 8-page SEO tips and tools booklet so you can relax and listen to the webinar without taking notes
  • List of 100 FREE places to list your pet sitting, dog walking, or dog training business online
  • Replay link if you missed the webinar so you can listen and learn about SEO at a time that is convenient for YOU

I won’t be offering this webinar again for a few months so if one of your 2014 goals is to get lots of clients, now is the time to sign up!

Click for more information and to sign up now for the How to (Dramatically) Increase Your Search Engine Optimization Webinar.



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Hello dog walkers and pet sitters,

I recently got the news that I’ll be speaking at a Virginia pet business conference on Sept. 19 and 20, 2014.

Cesar Millan will also be speaking and the Monks of New Skete will be leading a very special dog handling workshop. How fun!

I especially love speaking at pet sitting networking groups and pet sitting conferences because most of my coaching for pet sitters is done via the phone since nearly all of my coaching clients live far away from my office. It’s such a treat to see and connect with pet sitters and dog walkers in person and speaking at pet sitting conferences and networking groups gives me an opportunity to do that. I love it.

My topic at the 2014 Virginia pet business conference will be “Recovering from Pet Business Burnout”. Having happily recovered from this ailment myself a few years ago after working 7 days a week for years on end, it’s a topic I’m passionate about and one that has made one of the greatest impacts on my business and personal life.

It will be so fun to see you at the business conference if you can make it. I’ll be sharing more details as it gets closer (like who is putting the conference on and where in Virginia it will be located).

Take good care,

*Photo of Kristin courtesy of In Her Image Photography.

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I had an epiphany a few years ago when I realized how similar hiring is to dating. 

  • You have to be clear what you want so that you can recognize that person when they show up.  
  • It’s important to notice yellow and red flags.
  • Clear communication is crucial.
  • You both have to want the same thing (each other).
Here’s the thing: Anyone can hire someone.
But just like dating to meet the right person, hiring really great people requires skill. The good news? This hiring skill can be taught.
I’ve honed my hiring mojo through having hired over 250 pet sitters since I first started hiring pet sitters and dog walkers in 1997. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to hiring pet sitters and dog walkers.

I’ve successfully taught over 1,500 pet sitters from across the country how to hire really great people.

I’ll teach you too.

I’m leading a “How to Hire Great Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers” webinar on September 24 and will be sharing powerful tips and tools that I’ve used to find, hire and keep my own wonderful staff members.

If you can’t make the webinar, no problem. Simply sign up and let me know you need the replay link and I’ll get it to you by September 25.

Please note: This webinar is now over but you can buy the webinar recording!

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Want to create the best year you’ve ever had? 

Kim Sauer of Sit ‘n’ Stay Pet Services in Buffalo, New York did.

(But more on that in a minute.)

As most of you know I provide business coaching for pet sitters and dog walkers.

But did you know that I also provide Best Year Yet! coaching for pet sitters and dog walkers?

Here’s how it works: I help you create a game plan for the next 12 months in order to have you fully step into your ideal business and personal life (whatever that looks like for you).

We do a 3-hour coaching session to create your blueprint and game plan to create your ideal life and then hour-long follow up coaching sessions to keep you on track.

Pet sitters and dog walkers become unleashed in their Best Year Yet! coaching sessions.

Dreams and deepest visions emerge and get invited to come to the table to be acknowledged and honored.

No matter who I am working with I find the Best Year Yet! coaching sessions to be potent, sacred and very powerful.

I love this work because I get to bring all of me in order to be of service to the people I’m working with: I bring my high-octane logical business brain to give rocket fuel to your business dreams and goals in our Best Year Yet! sessions. And my intuitive creative side comes to our Best Year Yet! sessions in order to fully fan the flame of what your heart most longs for.

I love seeing pet sitters thrive in their business and in their life. In my opinion we need both our business and our personal lives to blossom in order to be truly fulfilled.

I recently did a Best Year Yet! coaching session with Kim Sauer and she sent me a testimonial that I wanted to share with you.

“Working with Kristin and the Best Year Yet! Coaching Program has been amazing not only for my business but especially for my personal life. I feel I’ve been in a constant struggle to balance work and home life and my home life was losing. Since working with Kristin and Best Year Yet! I have defined some specific goals and have been able to slowly but dramatically regain control over my life.  This program is tailored specifically to your goals and your life, so you can do it no matter where you are or where you want to go.  The coaching sessions with Kristin are amazing- after each session I feel so energized, refreshed and ready to tackle all the next steps toward my Best Year Yet!” -Kim Sauer of Sit ‘n’ Stay Pet Services in Buffalo, New York

Do YOU have dreams and visions for your business and your life?

Let’s go for it, tiger!

Click to find out more and to sign up for Best Year Yet! Coaching with Kristin Morrison.






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I’m heading off on a fasting/raw food retreat for a few weeks….

I enjoy doing a cleanse for my body once a year. It’s been two years so I’m long overdue here!

I may be checking in on Facebook a couple of times while I’m away (but then again maybe not…we’ll see).

Taking time away from technology is important from time to time…especially for us business owners who are on technology day and night. I believe taking technology “fasts” are crucial for my well-being.

Many of you coaching clients of mine and webinar attendees have heard me talk about putting my computer in the closet when it’s not in use. There’s something about tucking the computer out of sight that is necessary and crucial to my well-being. Being on the computer can be addictive!

Do you take pockets of time away from your computer? Can you designate at least 24 hours to do a technology fast? To not check your email or Facebook every few weeks for at least 24 hours? I highly recommend it. :)

I know I won’t be checking email for a few weeks while I’m gone for a few weeks and I’ll be back in action the week of July 8.

I look forward to connecting with you when I return.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


PS-This picture of Chelsea the Cat and my Facebook page was taken by Mary Oberdier of Chase’N Tails Pet Care in Florida. Thanks, Mary, for this fun photo! :)



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Thank you, pet sitters, for submitting your wonderful pictures to the photo contest!

I’m amazed by your creativity and playfulness. It was so fun to have your pictures coming rolling in on the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Facebook page!

Votes will be taken for best picture until midnight on May 22 so get your votes in for your top 3 favorite pictures. Click to see the pictures and to vote on your favorite Six-Figure Pet Sitting book photo now.



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