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Got a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Website? How to Take Back Your Online Reputation!

How’s your online reputation for your pet sitting or dog walking business these days? online reputation correctWhen you Google your pet sitting or dog walking business do you have good things come up…or not-so-good things show up?

I’ve recently had a few business owners ask me how to ‘hide’ not-so-good things that are being said about them online.

Though you (alas!) can’t delete negative comments online there are powerful steps you can take to reduce the possibility of a potential client seeing something that you you’d rather they didn’t. Here’s how…

1. Search for your name AND your pet sitting or dog walking business name on Google. (Make sure to click on the ‘images’ section that is in Google too to see what’s coming up.)

2. If you discover something negative or online content that you wish wasn’t there, create new online content. Creating more blog posts is the easiest and quickest way to do this. Be sure to occasionally include your name and your pet sitting or dog walking business name in the blog post title and often include it in the category and tag section of your blog posts. You can also create some positive reviews by putting a client testimonial in your blog post.

3. Get listed on LinkedIn if you are not already on there. Be sure to have a picture of yourself or your business logo in your profile.

4. Create a ‘Google alert’ for your name (obviously easier if your name is unusual) and your business name. Just google ‘Google alert’ to sign up for this free service.

5. Get listed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to create a Facebook business page too. Social media sites come up high on the search engines so you want to be on as many as you can even if you are not often active on all of them.

Put these action items on your to do list this week so you can begin to clean up your online reputation! Kristin4

To your success,

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Got a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Website? How to Take Back Your Online Reputation! Read More »

Want to Get High Up on Google and Other Search Engines? SEO for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers!

Want to get your pet sitting and dog walking website high on Google and the other search engines?Google unzipped

Search Engine Optimization for Pet Sitters is here!

Here are the most common questions I get regarding my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Coaching for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers. If you are ready to get high up Google, read on…

Q. I want to get my pet sitting website at the top of Google and other search engines. I see that the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy™ offers Search Engine Optimization coaching.  Can you tell me a little bit about how that works?
Sure. First of all, Coach Kristin is sold on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because a few years ago she optimized her own pet sitting and dog walking website using the SEO steps that she goes over in her SEO coaching for pet sitters and within less than 2 months of optimizing her pet sitting website her phone started ringing and hasn’t stopped since!  (She sold her business in 2013 and the new owner reaped the benefit of all that SEO–and having top SEO on the website assisted Kristin in getting a higher price for her business as well!)

About 85% of her new client calls were a direct result of people finding her pet sitting business online.  When Kristin sold her business she got anywhere from 3-15 (!) new client calls a day from people finding her on Google and other search engines.  (Now she can help you experience those results!)

Having a Six-Figure Search Engine Optimization™ coaching session for your pet sitting website will benefit you in two money-making ways: 

1)   Within just 3-6 weeks of making the SEO changes your pet sitting company will receive MANY more calls than before you did the SEO work. 

2)   You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on other forms of advertising that don’t generate results.
The only cost for this simple yet incredibly effective form of advertising is one single SEO session with Coach Kristin ($195) and then the cost to pay your web person to make the changes (unless you are your web person!)

If you have a website, having your site optimized for the search engines is the single most effective form of advertising that you can do for you business.

Q. Okay, how do I sign up for a Search Engine Optimization session and can you tell me what happens after I make an appointment?
Sure, here is how you sign up and what happens: sign up on this page to set up a Search Engine Optimization for Pet Sitters coaching session. Once you pay for your session, Coach Kristin will contact you with some days and times for you. You simply choose the one that works best for you. In just one 45-minute SEO coaching session with Coach Kristin, you will receive easy, step-by-step instruction on what keywords need to be on your site and where these keywords need to be as well as other important key elements that are guaranteed to get you high on Google and other search engines!
You then give that information to your web person who places the html code on your site or you can make the changes yourself if you are the web person.

3-6 weeks after the changes have been made on your website simply watch your website show up higher on Google than it was before.

Most pet sitters excitedly report that not only are they on the first page of Google but they often find their business website close to (or at) the very top of Google about 3-6 weeks after their SEO coaching session!

Q. I need Search Engine Optimization Coaching for Pet Sitters so I can get my website higher up on Google! If I send my $195 payment today how soon can I schedule a SEO coaching session?
Coach Kristin is often booked with SEO coaching sessions the same week you pay. However, if she can fit you in that same week, she will! Otherwise your SEO session can usually be scheduled for the following week.

Want to Get High Up on Google and Other Search Engines? SEO for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers! Read More »

How (and Why) to Make Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Website STICKY

StickyWebsiteWebinarImageLargeI’ve been reflecting on the early days of running my 18-year pet sitting and dog walking business and remembering the (many) challenges I faced early on.

One of the most challenging was after I’d had a great pet sitting website created. I felt so proud of it (such a nice site!) but then I realized that no one (not even me) could find my business online. Yikes.

It was a beautiful day when, after spending months learning SEO, I was able to rocket my pet sitting website to the top of Google and other search engines. Oh happy day.

(And later I went on to help many other pet business owners get to the top of the search engines through my SEO coaching and SEO webinar.)

It was very rewarding for me watch invisible businesses get visible online in only a week or two after the SEO changes.

But here was the strange part: even though the pet business owners I coached on SEO were highly visible to their target clients (most of the people I worked with were now on the first page of the search engines after our work together), many of them weren’t experiencing the rush of new client calls or emails that we both thought they would experience.

It was very weird.

I could see from behind the scenes (in computer lingo that’s ‘AW Stats’) that my SEO clients now had tons of website viewers (a huge amount more viewers than they’d ever had in prior months before the SEO coaching). So why weren’t they getting many more client calls?

It didn’t make sense. At all.

My pet sitting business was getting a massive number of calls and emails since I’d made the SEO changes on my website. In fact, my business had shot through the roof.  And a handful of my SEO clients were experiencing tons of new client calls too. Why weren’t all my SEO clients getting lots of calls?

I began studying my SEO client websites and then I noticed some key differences between those of us that were getting lots of calls and those that weren’t.

I had my clients make simple changes to their website that, once made, began to result in many calls and emails!

Suddenly these same clients who had complained about hardly any calls after the SEO work were now contacting me needing help hiring more staff so they could handle the huge amount of business they now had!

(A good problem.)

The flood gates had opened and now, not only were these pet business owners high up on Google and other search engines but they were also experiencing a ton of client calls (as it should be!)

Here’s the thing: you can do all the marketing in the world but if your website doesn’t have the ‘sticky effect’ you aren’t going to get the client calls.

You want your viewers to be glued to your website and you want to call those viewers into action so they become your clients. Even making a few small changes to your existing website can quickly increase business.

My upcoming webinar will show you how to turn your website into a powerful money-making machine that it was meant to be by helping pet owners who find you online become your clients.

If you are ready to turn your website viewers into clients, this is the webinar for you.


How (and Why) to Make Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Website STICKY Read More »

Best Website Host for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Okay, as most of you know I rarely endorse products and services but I just have to tell you pet sitters and dog walkers about this one…

As a pet sitter you may think that all web hosting companies are the same but that just isn’t true.

If you have a website that is hosted by Go Daddy or Vista Print you will find that it is very difficult to change the wording in your site to make it search engine optimization-friendly.

Even if your website is not hosted by the hosts above you may find that you will gain so much more than you can imagine by switching your hosting company to Blue Host.

I have been using this hosting company for my website for 8 years now and here is what I absolutely LOVE about it:

1) You can reach a live human being at any time-day or night! If you have an issue with your website you can call them anytime. They answer the phone! So unheard of these days…

2) You can see how your clients find you online. This hosting company has a cool features where you can go behind the scenes and click a button and boom! You get the inside peek into how your clients/competitors/trawlers are finding you. It is so revealing and will appeal to the detective in you that wants to find out what people typed in to find your pet sitting company. I love this feature!

3) You can transfer to Blue Host in less than 24 hours. Just contact them and within 24 hours you can easily and effortlessly transfer from your current host to this fantastic hosting company.

4) It’s one of the cheapest hosting companies on the web. You get the most bang for your buck and it is one of the least expensive hosting companies. How is this possible? I’m not sure but I appreciate the monthly savings. 🙂

And…if you are a pet sitter or dog walker wondering ‘what exactly is a web host?’ think about it like this:

Think of the website as the house (what people see).

Think of the url (www) as the foundation of the house (website).

Think of the hosting company as the land that the house sits on.

If you are a new pet sitter in the midst of creating a website or an ‘old dog’ pet sitter that is looking to create an even more powerful website at a reasonable price then check out Blue Host today.

You will not be disappointed!

Best Website Host for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Read More »

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