Concerned About Dog Vacay, Rover and Care Taking Away Your Pet Sitting Clients? Read This.


My dear pet sitters and dog walkers,

In the past few months I’ve been contacted by so many pet sitting and dog walking coaching clients who are more than a bit freaked out about the amount of competition in their various cities from the “hobby pet sitters” who are on Rover, Care or Dog Vacay or the neighborhood kid who charges next to nothing to feed the animals and walk the dogs.

Are you one of those pet sitters who is feeling concern?

I have two words for you if you are feeling anxious about this:

Don’t worry. 

Don’t worry because at some point the neighborhood kid is going to leave the client’s door open and the dog or cat will escape. At some point the hobby pet sitter will stop pet sitting because it’s a hobby for them and not their passion or livelihood. And don’t worry because at some point the dog may eat the sofa while on the neighborhood kid’s watch. And the clients (who love their sofa nearly as much as their dog) will freak out because the person they hired does not have insurance to cover their beloved sofa.

Don’t worry. Keep the focus on your business and continue to do a great job and to provide the best level of care you possibly can for your clients. Soon, word of you and how great your service will spread like wildfire across your town. And your existing clients will keep coming back (and be willing to charge whatever it is you are charging them). Most clients who are worth taking on realize something very important when it comes to professional pet sitting: Peace of mind is priceless.

Go get ’em, tiger!

PS–I am aware that there are also a number of incredible part-time and full time pet sitters and dog walkers who advertise their services on the big sites and this post is in no way meant to discredit them and the wonderful work they are doing for their human and animal clients. 🙂

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Concerned About Dog Vacay, Rover and Care Taking Away Your Pet Sitting Clients? Read This. Read More »