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Technology Fast for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

I’m heading off on a fasting/raw food retreat for a few weeks….

I enjoy doing a cleanse for my body once a year. It’s been two years so I’m long overdue here!

I may be checking in on Facebook a couple of times while I’m away (but then again maybe not…we’ll see).

Taking time away from technology is important from time to time…especially for us business owners who are on technology day and night. I believe taking technology “fasts” are crucial for my well-being.

Many of you coaching clients of mine and webinar attendees have heard me talk about putting my computer in the closet when it’s not in use. There’s something about tucking the computer out of sight that is necessary and crucial to my well-being. Being on the computer can be addictive!

Do you take pockets of time away from your computer? Can you designate at least 24 hours to do a technology fast? To not check your email or Facebook every few weeks for at least 24 hours? I highly recommend it. 🙂

I know I won’t be checking email for a few weeks while I’m gone for a few weeks and I’ll be back in action the week of July 8.

I look forward to connecting with you when I return.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


PS-This picture of Chelsea the Cat and my Facebook page was taken by Mary Oberdier of Chase’N Tails Pet Care in Florida. Thanks, Mary, for this fun photo! 🙂



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Want a FREE 45-Minute Coaching Session with me? PHOTO CONTEST!

Do you have my book Six-Figure Pet Sitting or Six-Figure Pet Business?

Want a FREE 45-minute business coaching session with me?

PHOTO CONTEST: Take a picture of you (or your pet!) with my book and post it on my personal Facebook page or the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy Facebook page.

The winning photo gets a coaching session with me!

Have the eBook? No problem. Take a picture of you and/or your pet with my eBook on your Kindle or computer. Have fun with it. 🙂

Photo contest expires on May 1, 2013.

What do you have to lose? Nothing! And you have a 45-minute power-packed session with me to gain!

I look forward to seeing your pictures. 🙂


Here are a couple to get you inspired:

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Coach Kristin to Speak at the APSE Conference


Hello pet sitters,

I will be speaking at the Association for Pet Sitter Excellence (APSE) Conference on October 25 at 1pm EST. It’s a virtual conference, accessible by the Internet.

The topic I will speak on will be about how to “Consciously Create More Freedom in Your Pet Sitting Business”.

It’s a topic I’m passionate about!

Many business owners think freedom and owning a business cannot exist together.

But guess what?

They are wrong!

I’ve created a pet sitting business that also gives me a lot of freedom and I look forward to sharing how you can put freedom in your pet sitting business (and in your life).

“See” you at the conference!

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Self-Authoring Your Pet Sitting Business


Recently I was in a yoga class and the teacher said to our class: “Even though you might think you can’t do a pose, TRY. Don’t just assume you can’t do it. Attempt it. Find out.”

So many pet sitting business owners run their businesses from the place of NO.




It takes a lot of courage to feel the NO and turn it into a YES. To run your business from outside-the-box. Which might be very different from how you think you should run your pet sitting business or how your competitors are running their pet sitting businesses.

As I’m traveling I’m even more aware than I was back at home of how we create our own reality.

I’m not getting woo-woo on you here.

What I’m talking about is that most people put limits on what they can and can’t do in their business and their life which ends up becoming their limited reality.

Where are you putting limits on your pet sitting and dog walking business?

Here are some common areas that pet sitters put limits on their businesses:

1) Your Schedule: You don’t like doing early morning or late night visits and yet still you do them.

2) Hiring: You are afraid to hire pet sitting and dog walkers so you don’t. Or you need to hire more staff yet you keep putting it off even though you are getting more and more stressed by having to do the work yourself.

3) Your Income: You have a mental ‘cap’ on what you think you can make in your pet sitting business each month. You say to yourself, “Oh, I can’t make more than $________/month” which becomes a self-imposed glass ceiling. You don’t imagine or believe you can make more than you’ve currently made and thus live out that reality from month-to-month.

4) Your vacation: You haven’t had a vacation in years and you feel burned out. You are afraid of leaving your pet sitting business. You don’t know what to do with your business when you go away and don’t investigate options.

5) Business Duties: You really don’t like (or aren’t good at) a certain aspect of your pet sitting business and yet still you do it because you feel you ‘have’ to. You don’t allow yourself to think creatively or ask for help in thinking creatively for how to delegate specific tasks or jobs that you really don’t enjoy.

Guess what?

YOU are the author of your pet sitting business. You get to make up the rules for how you run your business and what jobs you do or don’t do.

So many pet sitters that I work with forget this. They let themselves be swept away by the whims of clients or their own fear of doing something differently than they (or another pet sitter) has done before.

It’s the halfway point through the year here, folks: June 2011.

A perfect time to honestly access what works and doesn’t work with the way you are currently running your business.

You really are the only one who creates the stoppers in your business and your life. Not your clients. Not your family. Not your staff.


And you can also take that pen and start self-authoring your pet sitting business!

Try this bit of self coaching:
Get a piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for 15 minutes. For one minute focus on an area that is clearly not working in your business or is causing you discomfort or unhappiness.

Then, with the remaining time, write down all the possible solutions that come to your mind.

Don’t censor.

Don’t edit.

Don’t spell check!

Simply write fast, without thinking, for 14 minutes.

You may be amazed at what may emerge.

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5 Tips for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Success


Creating pet sitting and dog walking business success can be easy.


Here are 5 simple steps you can take TODAY to create more success in your pet sitting and dog walking business:

1) Begin to accumulate business savings. Even the act of starting with $10/month is progress. Your business savings account will help get you through the lean times, especially when you are first starting out.

2) Create an action plan to ensure that your pet sitting business bookkeeping records are clean, orderly and accurate. Get accounting help if and when you need it. Pay someone to help you learn Quicken or Quickbooks. Knowing how much you make each month will help you set financial goals which will keep you focused and intentional in your business actions.

3) Develop a yearly business plan and create goals and visions for yourself and your business. Review it quarterly and adjust as needed. Having a map will help you get to where you want to go in your business.

4) Budget your time realistically and focus on income-producing activities. Get clear on how many minutes it takes to actually takes to drive to your dog walking/pet sitting jobs. This will help you get clarity about how many clients you can take in a given day and how much time you spend driving. Setting a timer for those business tasks that are challenging can help keep you on track. Focusing your daily actions on income-producing activities such as marketing and answering the phone directly will cause your profits to rise.

5) Let go of difficult-to-work-with clients and staff members. Difficult staff and clients can eat up as much as 95% of our energy which leaves only 5% left for the majority of our (easy) clients and staff. If you notice your thoughts consumed by a particular client or staff member then it might be time to let them go. Talk it over with someone whose opinion you value and once you get clarity about how challenging they are, be willing to let them go sooner rather than later.

Want more tips on how to create success in your pet sitting and dog walking business? Purchase the Secrets for Pet Sitting Business Success Recording now.

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Self-Worth = NET WORTH

Yesterday I had a coaching client call me to ask if I could do an emergency pet sitting business coaching session with her. 593834863_3080791c5d_m

Due to my  jam-packed coaching and work schedule I’m usually not able to fit coaching clients in the moment they call for an appointment but it just so happened that I had a 45-minute open window of time. We were coordinating when to set up her emergency session and I could hear the frustration and burnout in her voice so I said, “Would you like to do the session right now?”

“YES!” The relief in her voice was palpable.

Offering that kind of relief to pet sitters who are in business crisis (or just low-grade burnout) is so rewarding to me. I just love it. Having owned my own pet sitting company since 1995 I understand the frustrations that can come from owning this unusual type of business. Being in that place of despair and frustration (excuse the expression) sucks.

Anyway, we started her session and basically she was wanting to know exactly what it took for me to get from ‘there’ (frustration, burnout, working a ton but not making a ton of money) to ‘here’ (ease and joy in my worklife, working 3-4 days a week, making a lot of money without doing doing a lot of work, etc.).

I walked her through the various changes that I had made in my business and what exactly I do differently now that I didn’t do then. We talked about the nuts and bolts of running a business: from spreadsheets to marketing to time management.

Then we hit on the most important business tool of all: Self-worth.

Discovering that place that is deep within ourselves that really knows that we deserve to make a lot of money without a lot of stress and strife.

Out of that awareness comes the self-worth to raise client prices, market the heck out of our county and have the phone ringing off the hook and to not take difficult and super-challenging clients simply because they are paying us green stuff.

Have I been at the place of low self-worth? You betcha. And yes, it sucks. And it absolutely affected the way I ran (or didn’t run) my business. And it absolutely affected my profits.

How did I get to the place of high self-worth? Well, it has come from the various little and big changes I made in my business life. Some of them include:

  • Having the willingness to say no to clients no matter the amount of money they were willing to pay because I knew that, should I take them on, they’d suck my energy dry.
  • Raising my pet sitting prices even when I was scared.
  • Realizing that I don’t want to work 40+ hours a week and having it be okay that I work much less than most of the American population!
  • Allowing myself to have the desire to make a lot of money and not to be ashamed that I wanted to make a lot of money. (That one took a long time to break free from and sometimes I still struggle with the okay-ness of wanting to be wealthy.)

Self-worth often came when I had the courage to run my life and my business in a way that was congruent with those inner parts of me that desire a really great life–one with meaning, purpose, ease and profit. Managing my life and business in a way that isn’t always congruent with the way society says I should manage my life or my business. As I stay true to my own inner course in business and my life, my profits have continued to rise, rise, rise. And yours can too.

Today I encourage you to: notice the areas where you are saying ‘yes’ when really you want to say ‘no’. Notice when you are charging a client too little and feeling resentful for the amount of time a particular pet sitting/dog walking job is taking you. Are you feeling totally stressed out in the area of time and/or money? If so, what you can do to give yourself a little breathing room today?

Noticing is a first step to changing behavior.  And if the current way you run your business is not working for you, begin the process of changing the way you run your business. Making those changes will increase your self-worth which will, in turn, increase your profit.

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Can Pet Sitting Business Owners Leave their Businesses and Travel for 2 Months?


Yes. Yes. Yes! If you’ve got a supportive management team and great pet sitters and walkers on staff you can take time off to see the world.

And that’s just what I am going to be doing in January 2010.

When my business was 3-5 years old I traveled each year for 2 months. I would do lots of pet sitting for 10 months and then have my manager oversee everything for the two months that I’d be gone from the business and out of the country.

I went on a lot of great trips. I traveled for two months in Europe. Two months in Bali. Two months in Thailand. (Thai villagers dressed me up in Thai gown and crown and I led a parade of villagers down the street but that’s for another blog post!)

I have been desiring to travel again. What has held me back is that my business is now MUCH larger than it was 10-12 years ago! We have 35 staff members. Our huge client list continues to grow with the new calls we get daily.

I have been mulling over traveling for an extended period of time for awhile now and was noticing that fear was holding me back. I try to live my life in such a way that I normally don’t let fear run my life. I’ve coached many of you business owners on how to make peace with your fears and really live in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful both in business and in life. And yet here I was finding myself wanting to travel and letting the thoughts of fear stop me from committing to something that I really want to do.

My fear thoughts went something like this:  Will everything be okay while I’m gone? What if something happens while I’m away? What if……? (fill in the blank.)

Well, last week I decided to look the fear straight in the eye and smile at it and say, “I’m going.”

So I took the first step and asked my main business manager if she could manage the business while I was away. She said that she would love to.

And now I’m compiling an ultra long list of many tasks that need to be completed before I depart in 5 months. I’m also exploring: where do I want to go? I’m still mulling it over. Bali is definitely calling to me. I might start there and end up some place totally different.

I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime I’d love to hear about you: what are some unrealized dreams that you have that you are afraid of fulfilling? Is there a way your business could support you in making those visions a reality? Email me privately or post your comment below if you like.

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Blogging and my Book


I’m noticing that I’m excited about this new blog and being able to communicate with all of you pet sitters on a regular basis and yet I’m also really excited and lit up about the book that I’ve been writing for pet sitters.

So…though the thought of  blogging every day sounds so fun and is tugging at me a bit, I’m finding that I really want and need to use my extra time to work on (and finish) my book.

Writing this book really has been a labor of love. I started it a few months ago when I hurt my back and was bedridden for a couple of days. One day I found myself writing for 10 hours straight! Now I usually write for 1-2 hours every couple of days and will stop when I find my attention wandering or I realize that I don’t want to be writing anymore.

I’m trying to really honor my natural rhythm of writing and not force myself to keep writing if I don’t want to.

I’m keeping the title hush-hush for now but in a few weeks I’ll be announcing it and telling you more about it. Stay tuned.

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What do YOU want to read about in the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Blog?

blogimageWhile I’m still working on my ability to upload pictures and make this blog ‘pretty’ I’d like to know what business topics that you would like to read about here.

Feel free to post your topic ideas and preferences or email them directly to me and I’ll create blog posts from your suggestions.

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How to Make $4,800 More This Year in Your Pet Sitting Business – Without Doing More Work!

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This can be a costly mistake in business. Why? Well, most of your creditors raise their rates yearly to keep up with inflation. If you are not at least keeping up with the rising cost of …

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