100+ FREE places to list your pet sitting & dog walking business online!


Whee! I love giving out free stuff that pet sitters and dog walkers can use immediately to skyrocket their business to success.

The latest goody I have for you is this: 100+ FREE and low cost websites to list your business online.

Having your website listed on other websites is one of the most important ways you can raise your search engine ranking. This means you’ll get higher up on the search engines and get more clients. Wa-hoo!

Click to go to our website page where you can now download your free 100+places to list your pet sitting and dog walking business online.

9 thoughts on “100+ FREE places to list your pet sitting & dog walking business online!”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m a pet sitter, dog walker, and dog runner, and I just started my business a year ago. I’ve got the hang of it, but I didn’t know about all of these possibilities. Thanks, again!

  2. I am not very comfortable when it comes to computers. Yes, I am old school, but willing to learn if the cost doesn’t exceed my financial ability.
    I am a return student studying animal science to pursue my love and passion for animals.
    I am on a very low income and have several rescue old cats and an old old dog with 5 tumors,. Their prescription food and medication has put a tremendous pressure on me financially.
    I need to expand my dog and cat sitting.
    I appreciate any tips you may share with me.
    Thank you,
    Lilly Sardari

    1. Hi Lilly, congrats on expanding your business. I’ve got a lot of no-cost items that can help you including a no-cost pet sitting tips and tools booklet on my “Free Stuff” page: http://www.sixfigurepetsittingacademy.com/free_pet_sitting_tips.html and I also offer a free podcast called Prosperous Pet Business podcast found on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also listen to the podcast here: http://prosperouspetbusiness.com/pet-business-podcast/

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