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In this photo are some of the Book + Pet Photo Contest winners from the years 2011-2019!

Hi pet business owners,

I need your help but don’t worry, it’s a fun thing. 🙂

I’ve had A LOT of wonderful photo submissions to the 2020 Book + Pet Photo Contest. I need your help to chose the top three photo winners!

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Kristin Morrison started her pet care company in the mid-90s and it grew to become one of the largest pet care companies in California. Kristin hired over 250 people in the course of running her business for 18 years and when she sold the business, she had 35 dog walkers and pet sitters and 4 managers on staff.

Kristin is also the host of the Prosperous Pet Business podcast which is found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also listen to it on the Prosperous Pet Business website.

Kristin is the author of five books: Six-Figure Pet Sitting, 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business, The Hiring Handbook for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers, Prosperous Pet Business and Six-Figure Pet Business. Her books are available in paperback on Amazon. The eBooks and audiobooks are on her website at:

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Prosperous Pet Business Podcast:

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First VIDEO review of “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”

Just got the first VIDEO review of my book Six-Figure Pet Sitting and I wanted to share it with you!

Here it is:

And for those of you who haven’t yet read my book…

Six-Figure Pet Sitting is available in eBook format: Six-Figure Pet Sitting.

And it’s also available in printed format on Amazon: Six-Figure Pet Sitting book.

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Six-Figure Pet Sitting Book Review


This week I got a Facebook posting from an interesting couple who provide pet sitting services for clients all over the world.


They just got done reading my book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” and wrote a review about the book on their website.

This part put a smile on my face: “It took me a week or two to actually take the time to sit down and read it, but once I picked it up, I could not put it down.”

Reading comments like that makes all those nights and weekends that I spent writing the book absolutely worth it!

I encourage you to explore their website as it’s a fun read (check out their blog archive section to read about their house and pet sitting adventures).

You can click here to read their review of “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”.

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Pet Sitting Book Review


Hello pet sitters,

I’ve experienced a few delays with the ebook production but come hell or high water, my book will be sent out as promised by the end of December to those who have preordered the book.

Debra Farrington, the book reviewer for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) recently reviewed my book and she emailed the review to me today.

I have to admit it was a bit vulnerable sending her my manuscript. It’s a little like, “Here, critique my baby, would you?”

This review will appear in the next issue of the NAPPS magazine:

“If you’re a brand new pet sitter looking for a guide to pet sitting from A-Z, this probably isn’t your resource, though you’ll find lots of good advice here. But if you’ve been a pet sitter for even a little while and you’re looking to grow your business into something that not only pays the bills, but gives you the lifestyle you want and deserve, then run—don’t walk—to the nearest computer and order this book.

Kristin Morrison, owner of a very large pet sitting business herself, and coach to pet sitters for many years, shares her secrets and strategies to free your creative energies, imagine your business (and life) as you’d like to see it, set goals and then, as Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek would say, “make it so.” There are plenty of practical tips on how to run your business on a day-to-day basis here, but the largest percentage of the book is dedicated to out-of-the-box exercises and practices that will help you understand what may be holding you back from being outrageously successful, and encouraging you to be very intentional about creating the business you truly want—whatever that looks like to you.

Included in the book are chapters on creating a good foundation, creating a business plan, recognizing your own self-worth, removing roadblocks to financial freedom, getting organized, marketing and promoting your business, being an employer, providing great service, and so much more. Those of you who have heard Kristin on one of the mentoring conference calls, or worked with her personally, will hear her voice in these pages, which are written just as she speaks with coaching clients. Approach this book with an open spirit, and a willingness to really look at what you’re doing, and you will walk away inspired and ready to make whatever changes you need to make to have a business and a life—both!—that match your dreams.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
There is still time to save $5 by preordering your ebook now. It will be emailed to you by the end of December.

Click here to find out more and to preorder the book: Six-Figure Pet Sitting.

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Pet Sitting Business Book!



The business book for pet sitters is now available for preorder.

Two years ago I began writing this book.

Then I decided to go on my trip to India and Bali so I put the writing of the book on hold.

I came back from my trip clear that I wanted to finish the book before I left on my next sabbatical (my next trip will be for four months and I’ll be leaving in February 2011–more to come about that trip in a future blog post!)

My business book for pet sitters was about 85% complete but I was having a hard time completing the final 15% of my book.

Have you ever climbed a really steep mountain and experienced that last little bit of hiking to be the hardest part?

That was what I was going through with the book.

Anyway, I told my business coaching (yes, I have a business coach!) about my fits and starts around completing the book. She gave me a firm talking to about my book that was (metaphorically speaking) sitting in the corner and not getting enough regular attention from me.

She asked me what it would take to finish it. I told her I needed weekly and perhaps daily support around completing it.

She suggested I get a writing coach and so I did. Within 3 weeks of hiring my writing coach the book was nearly complete!

Amazing what happens when we business owners (and writers) get support, eh?

We are now doing final editing of the book and will be laying the book out in a beautiful and easy-to-read ebook format. The ebook will be ready in December.

I’m so excited to share my secrets for pet sitting business success with all of you pet sitters. This book is a culmination of the knowledge I have gained in my 15+ years of owning and running my large pet sitting company as well as the many years I have coached pet sitters to business success.

Many of you have already preordered the book–if you have ordered your ebook you can be assured that you will receive your copy hot off the press in December!

If you haven’t yet ordered the book and you’d like to: you can preorder the book now and save $5 by going to this page: Six-Figure Pet Sitting Book.

(Please note the $5 off special is only good through November 2010.)

Wishing you much pet sitting business success!

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