A Stranger Helped Me Complete This Blog Post. If You Want to Be Productive with Anything, Try This

Today I had on my to do list to write a blog post. 

BUT… I also needed to do a bunch of other things today like:

  • Write my morning pages 
  • Gather a lot of important data about my pet business books to a possible book foreign rights publisher (Woot, we’ll see! It was very tedious work, but I got all the data to him. Whew.)
  • Make a healthy breakfast and lunch 
  • Talk on the phone with a friend who is really struggling with some health issues
  • Show up on time and prepared for my business mastermind 
  • Respond to a lot of emails and phone calls 
  • Spend some time looking at pictures and a long article my husband sent me about treehouses (because we may want to build one this year so we’re doing research now). 
  • Take a sauna at the Air BnB I’m at because if I don’t get in the sauna before I leave my stay here, I’m going to really regret it! (The sauna was a big reason why I booked this spot.) 
  • Plus, a lot of other things.

You’re a business owner. You know the drill. 

Anyway, I really wanted to write this blog post before the day’s end. (Here I am writing the blog post, but I’m also writing about what’s helping me write it. It’s very meta, isn’t it?) 

Long story short: I didn’t want to write this blog post. I wanted to dive into that sauna (the sauna that is currently heating up and that will be my reward for writing this). But a sauna at the end of my blog post writing wasn’t enough to get me to actually write a blog post. 

<Brief pause in my writing right now to check to make sure the sauna is actually heating up. It is. Good. I’m back now.>

So, in comes one of my most powerful secret weapons for productivity. It’s my productivity sauce, people. 

You may have heard me mention what I’m about to share here in one my webinars or in a coaching session you’ve done with me. 

Or maybe you read about my productivity hack in my Facebook group for pet business owners, or in my Prosperous Pet Business podcast.

It’s one thing to read about it or hear about it. It’s another thing to actually do it. And today I did it. 

So what is this “it” I’m referring to? 


It’s virtual co-working. For 25 or 50-minutes you meet with a stranger by video at a time you both signed up for. They tell you what they are going to work on. You tell them what you are going to work on. And then you do it. At the end you check in and share briefly what you did. 

Having that accountability: check in/take action/check out is POWERFUL. 

I created a Focusmate matching system for pet business owners – your own group for pet business owners. It doesn’t mean you’ll always get matched with a pet business owner but if a pet biz owner books a session time at the same time you do, if you’re part of the group, you’ll get matched!

So I recommend you stop reading about it and join it now. It’s free for up to 3 sessions a week. Unlimited is just a few dollars a month. You’ve got nothing to lose, except some things on your to do list. 

Find out more about Focusmate for Pet Business Owners.

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