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FREE Visioning/Goal Setting Workbook For 2016

sparklerReady to step into the New Year in an empowered, clear way?

So many pet sitters and dog walkers don’t go into their new year with a clear game plan for the next 12 months. That can lead to not accomplishing what you really want to create in your business and your life. A business plan is the GPS that is the guide to get us to where we want to go.

I created this visioning/goal setting workbook just for you, pet sitter and dog walker!

If you are ready to create your best year yet, this workbook is ready for you.

So…light a candle, enjoy a date with yourself and your business by diving into this workbook. It takes about 90 minutes and you’ll come away  with clarity about what happened last year and where you want to go this year.

Click to get your free pet business goal setting workbook.

Enjoy and happiest of New Years to you,

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FREE Visioning/Goal Setting Workbook For 2016 Read More »

Read This Post (Only) If You Want To Create Your Best Year Yet In Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business

Warning: If you don’t want to create the best 12 months you’ve ever had starting now, do NOT download this FREE 11-page workbook. woman best year

But… if you DO want to create your best year yet… then definitely check this out.

Pet sitting and dog walking business owners who set clear, measurable goals are more likely to achieve them. (And pet business owners who have used this workbook have reported remarkable shifts in their businesses and their lives…in only 12 months!)

Click to download the FREE Create Your Best Year Yet Workbook for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers now.




Read This Post (Only) If You Want To Create Your Best Year Yet In Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business Read More »

Create Your Best Year Ever! (Here’s how…)

I’m so excited to share this news with you… 

In 2011, I became a certified Best Year Yet coach and now, one of the primary focuses of my coaching with pet sitters has been to provide Best Year Coaching in order to help my clients create and experience powerful shifts in business and in their lives.

What that means is simply: I help you create the best year you’ve ever had in work and in your personal life.

In a nutshell, here’s how the Best Year process works:

1. Together we explore your roles, goals, values.

2. In 3 hours we create your most powerful annual plan.

3. We work together monthly to keep you on track.

4. In 12 months you’ve lived your Best Year ever!

Want to find out even more information and create your Best Year ever?

I’ve got a new website that explains everything about my Best Year Coaching. It’s for ANYONE who wants to create the best year of their life.

Click to find out more and to sign up for Best Year coaching today.







Create Your Best Year Ever! (Here’s how…) Read More »

FREE workbook for Powerful Goal Setting

6470778473_58a6e95dff_m-1Hello wonderful pet sitters and dog walkers,

I’m offering you a FREE goal setting workbook that I created for myself a few years ago (link below).

I’ve personally used this workbook year after year to set and achieve my own business/life goals.

My desire to take my long sabbatical arose after doing the exercises in this workbook in 2009! If you have read my book you will recognize this workbook as the one I detail in my chapter on goal setting.

I hope you will find it as valuable a tool as I have in setting goals for business and life.

On another note: I’ve got some fantastic new 2012 teleclasses that I think you old timers and newbies will benefit greatly from and also a new coaching modality that I’ll be unveiling soon for new and existing coaching clients who want to step powerfully into the New Year to create a life and a business beyond their wildest dreams!

Details to come in a few weeks….

Happy New Year!

PS-Here’s the Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Goal Setting Workbook.

FREE workbook for Powerful Goal Setting Read More »

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