October 2011

Heeding the Call of Pain in Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business



Experiencing ‘pain points’ in our pet sitting business doesn’t feel good.

And yet…

It is often the only way that we will wake up

and pay attention.

Pain points can look like:

-a staff member who really needed to be let go a long time ago yet you’ve been putting it off

-a client who is a royal pain in the arse and you’ve been putting up with them for far too long

-not making enough money to make ends meet, let alone thrive in your business

etc, etc, etc.

So you can either put up with it (which most humans end up doing)

or be proactive and change things.

(Usually this happens when the pain outweighs the numbness of putting up with the pain point in your business.)

Sometimes this takes a while.

And things break down before you wake up in order to make things better.

I encourage you today to heed the call of pain in your business.

It’s there to teach you what isn’t working in order to create a more smooth-running, profitable business

…and a happier life.

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Coach Kristin to Speak at the APSE Conference


Hello pet sitters,

I will be speaking at the Association for Pet Sitter Excellence (APSE) Conference on October 25 at 1pm EST. It’s a virtual conference, accessible by the Internet.

The topic I will speak on will be about how to “Consciously Create More Freedom in Your Pet Sitting Business”.

It’s a topic I’m passionate about!

Many business owners think freedom and owning a business cannot exist together.

But guess what?

They are wrong!

I’ve created a pet sitting business that also gives me a lot of freedom and I look forward to sharing how you can put freedom in your pet sitting business (and in your life).

“See” you at the conference!

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Six-Figure Pet Sitting Book Review


This week I got a Facebook posting from an interesting couple who provide pet sitting services for clients all over the world.


They just got done reading my book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting” and wrote a review about the book on their website.

This part put a smile on my face: “It took me a week or two to actually take the time to sit down and read it, but once I picked it up, I could not put it down.”

Reading comments like that makes all those nights and weekends that I spent writing the book absolutely worth it!

I encourage you to explore their website as it’s a fun read (check out their blog archive section to read about their house and pet sitting adventures).

You can click here to read their review of “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”.

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