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Best Year Yet Software Demonstration Webinar: Nov. 27 (Two Time Slots Available)

Curious about how Best Year Coaching works?
Here’s your chance to check it out.

I’m offering two 30-minute demo webinars on Tuesday, November 27 to demonstrate the amazing online goal setting/tracking software that I use with my Best Year Coaching clients.

The software + my 3 hour goal planning session will enable you to immediately begin living into your best year ever.

I’ll be doing a 30-minute demo on Tuesday, November 27 at 3pm PST/6pm EST:

Click this link at 3pm PST/6pm EST:

Access Code: 378-187-271


And I’ll be doing another 30-minute demo at 6pm PST/9pm EST later that same day (Tuesday, November 27):

Click this link at 6pm PST/9pm EST:

Access Code: 764-528-223


If you haven’t yet used Go to Meeting, I’d encourage you to click on the link above now in order to download the software (it takes only 2 minutes) so you can dive right in at one of the times above.

If you wanted to attend but aren’t able to, no problem. Shoot me an email and I’ll happily send you the replay link so you view the demo at a time that’s convenient for you.

Also, if you have a friend or family member who may be interested in creating his or her Best Year ever, please forward this blog post. All are welcome.
Looking forward to showing you this incredible software that helps you create -and live into- your best life!


Kristin Morrison
Certified Best Year Yet! Coach

PS–Please note that there are limited slots available for the above demos so please login early to insure your spot.

Best Year Yet Software Demonstration Webinar: Nov. 27 (Two Time Slots Available) Read More »

Petz Check In


When clients call you while you are tending other pets it can be distracting, can’t it?

And it’s worse when they call you during your free time. What if you have pet sitters working for you, and the client calls you claiming your pet sitter did not show up for a scheduled appointment? It becomes a case of “he said, she said.” Worse yet are those moments when a client ‘thinks’ she called to schedule care but actually forgot to call and consequently her pets have not had food or water for at least 24 hours. This can be reality in the life of a Professional Pet Sitter.

Thanks to some cool technology, Pet Sitters can communicate with their clients automatically, letting them know they arrived at the client’s home in a timely fashion; this comes with the added benefits of limiting liability for pet sitters and the ability to provide a guarantee of service. This convenience also has benefits for your clients. You see, the truth is, even if unspoken, pet parents do worry about their pets when they are away.

In a survey over 120 people, pet parents were asked about which method of pet care they used and why. Of the most telling responses was “I only travel if I can take my pets with me because I’ve had bad experiences with boarding and pet sitting.” (Kelly B, Tucson, AZ).

Terry O. of San Francisco wrote, “ I had a friend use a recommended pet sitter for her cat when she had the opportunity to travel abroad. Fortunately her daughter went to check in on things about 3 days after she left. It did not appear that the pet sitter had even been there once……..When confronted she claimed she lost the key to the house….but never bothered to try contacting the homeowner who did have access to her vm [voicemail] while gone…..this gal has been doing pet sitting for years according to the info received…a fluke? took on too much business? I don’t know how you can protect your selves and animals from someone like that. “

You know you are not going to do something like this and you hope your clients know this isn’t going to happen. And while your clients do trust you there is an unspoken truth…we are all human. We get sick, we have car accidents, we forget and ‘stuff’ happens. And when it happens, pets and others in your care can be negatively affected. When you are upfront about the ‘what ifs’ and when you provide a solution, you will gain the trust and affection of your clients very quickly.

Managing employees is one of the biggest challenges of any business, especially when they work in locations that are remote. Your reputation is at risk each time you hire someone to represent you. Using a method to be alerted if they do not show, a method to provide proof to clients who question their presence at their location (no more ‘he said she said’), and a method by which you can measure their performance is just smart business.

The solution comes in the form of a new web service called allows you to provide a guarantee of service (a true guarantee, not one in name only) plus automate your client communications, and provides a way for you to expand your business with little risk. You will have decreased fiscal liability when you can provide 3rd party proof you were at a client’s home and the duration of time you spent with the pets. Contact the folks at PETZcheckIN today and they’ll send you a code for a free trial of the service.

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#1 Pet Sitting Business Tool that is Helping Me Travel for Two Months


As most of you know I will be traveling to Indonesia for 2 months in late January. This is a dream I’ve had for years.

When I first started my business I was able to do world travel for six to eight weeks at a time fairly easily because my business was smaller and thus, I didn’t have a lot of clients and staff.

Now my pet sitting business is huge: we cover two enormous counties, have over 30 pet sitters on staff and close to 700 pet sitting and dog walking clients!

Thankfully I also have 2 trustworthy and competent managers who run my pet sitting and dog walking business as well as I do. I also have two back-up managers. Having these 4 managers in place is definitely the only way I could be able to travel and leave my business humming along for 2 months.

But it’s not all I’ve needed…

THE most powerful tool (besides my managers) that is helping me travel for two months is Power Pet Sitter.

Power Pet Sitter is an administration software system for pet sitters that enables my managers to manage my pet sitting business from the comfort of their own homes. By using Power Pet Sitter my managers can easily access client data, schedule sits for clients, send the schedule to the staff, invoice clients and powerfully run my business for me while I am out of the country!

It took me a long time to use an administration system. I’d been doing things by hand for years and years and years. And it worked. But it was tedious. And it wasn’t an empowering way to run my pet sitting business.

Most of you know I do not recommend products for pet sitters unless I believe in them 100% and stand behind them with every ounce of me.

Power Pet Sitter is one of those products. If you are interested in running your pet sitting business in a way that is more ease-filled and empowering I encourage you to contact Power Pet Sitter today.

If you mention that were referred by the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy, you can sign up for Power Pet Sitter and receive 3 months free when signing up for 6 months. You will prepay for 3 months and you get 3 months free. It’s a great way to try out this system. This offer expires December 31, 2009 and is only valid for Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy students and fans of the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy. You must specify that you found out about this discount from the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy in order to receive this special discount.

Power Pet Sitter is the #1 tool that is enabling me to step away from my business more and more and to create the right work/life balance for myself that includes 2 months of travel in 2010!

I highly recommend Power Pet Sitter (and, as I mentioned above, I don’t recommend things lightly -products have to *really* be amazing tools for pet sitters for me to toot their horn!) Power Pet Sitter is one of those products.

Once you sign up you won’t know how you lived without it.

And maybe you’ll find YOURSELF planning a two-month vacation away from your pet sitting business in 2010?

Click the link to find out more and to sign up for Power Pet Sitter today.

#1 Pet Sitting Business Tool that is Helping Me Travel for Two Months Read More »

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