Create a 12-Month Pet Sitting Business Plan (and Life Plan!)

Want to create the best year you’ve ever had? 

Kim Sauer of Sit ‘n’ Stay Pet Services in Buffalo, New York did.

(But more on that in a minute.)

As most of you know I provide business coaching for pet sitters and dog walkers.

But did you know that I also provide Best Year Yet! coaching for pet sitters and dog walkers?

Here’s how it works: I help you create a game plan for the next 12 months in order to have you fully step into your ideal business and personal life (whatever that looks like for you).

We do a 3-hour coaching session to create your blueprint and game plan to create your ideal life and then hour-long follow up coaching sessions to keep you on track.

Pet sitters and dog walkers become unleashed in their Best Year Yet! coaching sessions.

Dreams and deepest visions emerge and get invited to come to the table to be acknowledged and honored.

No matter who I am working with I find the Best Year Yet! coaching sessions to be potent, sacred and very powerful.

I love this work because I get to bring all of me in order to be of service to the people I’m working with: I bring my high-octane logical business brain to give rocket fuel to your business dreams and goals in our Best Year Yet! sessions. And my intuitive creative side comes to our Best Year Yet! sessions in order to fully fan the flame of what your heart most longs for.

I love seeing pet sitters thrive in their business and in their life. In my opinion we need both our business and our personal lives to blossom in order to be truly fulfilled.

I recently did a Best Year Yet! coaching session with Kim Sauer and she sent me a testimonial that I wanted to share with you.

“Working with Kristin and the Best Year Yet! Coaching Program has been amazing not only for my business but especially for my personal life. I feel I’ve been in a constant struggle to balance work and home life and my home life was losing. Since working with Kristin and Best Year Yet! I have defined some specific goals and have been able to slowly but dramatically regain control over my life.  This program is tailored specifically to your goals and your life, so you can do it no matter where you are or where you want to go.  The coaching sessions with Kristin are amazing- after each session I feel so energized, refreshed and ready to tackle all the next steps toward my Best Year Yet!” -Kim Sauer of Sit ‘n’ Stay Pet Services in Buffalo, New York

Do YOU have dreams and visions for your business and your life?

Let’s go for it, tiger!

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