2014 Worldwide Pet Business Online Conference (and it’s free!)

by Kristin Morrison on August 24, 2014

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SmallFinalProsperousPetBusinessBannerReady to take your business to the next level?

I’m hosting the upcoming Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference and will be interviewing experts in the pet business world, including Patti Moran, Ian Dunbar, Paul Mann, Andrea Arden and many others.

The goal of this pet business conference is to inspire pet business owners to break through problems, get unstuck, and move forward on business goals. In short, to empower you to fulfill your dream of working with pets for a living.

This conference has a unique format. It’s free (woo-hoo!), international (cool!), and comprised of a series of fun, short interviews with all sorts of personalities and experts in the pet business field. You’re sure to take a gem away from each of these informal chats, each one built around the themes of making more money while experiencing more ease and more freedom (nice!).

All the details you need are here: Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference.


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