Blogging and my Book

by Kristin Morrison on July 23, 2009

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I’m noticing that I’m excited about this new blog and being able to communicate with all of you pet sitters on a regular basis and yet I’m also really excited and lit up about the book that I’ve been writing for pet sitters.

So…though the thought of  blogging every day sounds so fun and is tugging at me a bit, I’m finding that I really want and need to use my extra time to work on (and finish) my book.

Writing this book really has been a labor of love. I started it a few months ago when I hurt my back and was bedridden for a couple of days. One day I found myself writing for 10 hours straight! Now I usually write for 1-2 hours every couple of days and will stop when I find my attention wandering or I realize that I don’t want to be writing anymore.

I’m trying to really honor my natural rhythm of writing and not force myself to keep writing if I don’t want to.

I’m keeping the title hush-hush for now but in a few weeks I’ll be announcing it and telling you more about it. Stay tuned.

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