5 Simple Tips for Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business Success

by Kristin Morrison on September 24, 2011

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Here are 5 simple steps you can begin TODAY to create more success in your pet sitting and dog walking business:

1) Accumulate business savings no matter how small at first. Even the act of starting with $10/month is progress. Your business savings account will help get you through the lean times, especially when you are first starting out.

2) Create an action plan to ensure that your pet sitting business bookkeeping records are clean, orderly and accurate. Get accounting help if and when you need it. Pay someone to help you learn Quicken or Quickbooks. Knowing how much you make each month will help you set financial goals which will keep you focused and intentional in your business actions.

3) Develop a yearly business plan and create goals and visions for yourself and your business. Review it quarterly and adjust as needed. Having a map will help you get to where you want to go in your business.

4) Budget your time realistically and focus on income-producing activities. Get clear on how many minutes it takes to actually takes to drive to your dog walking/pet sitting jobs. This will help you get clarity about how many clients you can take in a given day and how much time you are spent driving. Setting a timer for those business tasks that are challenging can help keep you on track. Focusing your daily actions on income-producing activities such as marketing and answering the phone directly you will cause you to see your profits to rise.

5) Let go of difficult-to-work-with clients and staff members. Difficult staff and clients can eat up as much as 95% of our energy which leaves only 5% left for the majority of our clients and staff. If you notice your thoughts consumed by a particular client or staff member then it might be time to let them go. Talk it over with someone whose opinion you value and once you get clarity about how challenging they are, be willing to let them go sooner rather than later.

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Danny Waltz November 12, 2011 at 9:20 am

It really is a good idea keep good accounting and financial records. I use Quickbooks in my office and it generally works really well. Not only can I instantly see my profit and loss (current and historical), it is very easy to spot business trends, keep on top of accounts receivable and tax planning! Even if you are not an accountant, it is really easy to learn and uses wizards to set up your company. Good record keeping is also essential when you go to apply for a loan or other matters that require you to show your income. If you happen to bill by the hour, be sure to get the “Pro” version!


Charlotte Wesson November 12, 2011 at 9:44 am

Awesome advice Kristin! Seemed like my Dad was always talking about “saving for a rainy day” so number one really resonates with me. It’s especially important for small business owners since revenue streams are often unpredictable. Experts advise we should try to “pay yourself first” each month and save at least 10% – but as Kristin points out anything is better than nothing. I have several free online savings accounts that pay good interest at Smarty Pig, ING Direct and Capital One Direct. They easily link up to your local checking account for deposits and withdraws. Get started today!


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