I get to meet some of you next weekend at the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters annual conference in San Antonio. I’m so excited!

I love coaching pet sitters on the phone (which is the way I coach most of you) and I absolutely love getting to see you in person and be in the same room with you. It’s such a treat for me.

I’ll be doing a book signing after my talk and if you have already purchased my book previously feel free to bring it with you to the conference  and I’ll be happy to sign it there.

I love Texas. I like the food, the people, the spaciousness of that state. I have never been to San Antonio so I’m looking forward to getting to know a new part of Texas.

See you at the conference!

Oh, and if you want to go, there’s still time to sign up.





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Best years sometimes get created without our doing much of anything special.

But success by accident isn’t a very effective way to live (nor run your business).

Ready to create success on purpose in your business and your life?

I recently did a  ‘Create Your Best Year’ Coaching Session with Pamela Batson:

Pam is a pet sitting and dog walking business owner who lives in Illinois. She came equipped with the goal of wanting to relocate to another state in 2013 as well as numerous other big and little goals. We also discovered some personal and work goals that Pam secretly desired but hadn’t yet clarified until doing her Best Year Coaching session.

It was exciting to have her goals unfold in a clear and powerful way and to see which goals most wanted to be on her Best Year Yet plan. Through our session she realized she wanted to move much sooner than she’d originally thought. Creating a definite plan in order for her move as quickly as possible (by the first quarter of 2013) was exciting for us both!

After our 3-hour session I asked Pam (see her picture below) some questions about what the session was like for her. She gave me permission to use her answers:

Kristin: Describe your experience of what it was like to create your best year plan with me.

Pam: It was powerful. I didn’t think it would take the whole 3 hours to go through the questions, but you were very thorough with me and helpful in working with me to set specific, attainable goals.

Kristin: Were there things that surprised you when you created your Best Year Plan?

Pam: I was surprised at how much of a difference it made to get specific with income amounts, time frames, etc.

Kristin: What would you say to others who were thinking of creating their Best Year Plan but hadn’t yet taken the leap?

Pam: I would say that it’s important to make the investment in their future and to have someone to be accountable to. There is something special about having all of the goals in writing rather than just having the idea in your head.

Kristin: Anything else you’d like to share about the process or your reflections after you did your Best Year Plan?

Pam: I have a renewed sense of motivation. I am confident that I will be able to make a smooth transition and build up my business again in North Carolina, making 2013 my best year yet!

Click if YOU want to find out more and create your Best Year Yet.







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Curious about how Best Year Coaching works?
Here’s your chance to check it out.

I’m offering two 30-minute demo webinars on Tuesday, November 27 to demonstrate the amazing online goal setting/tracking software that I use with my Best Year Coaching clients.

The software + my 3 hour goal planning session will enable you to immediately begin living into your best year ever.

I’ll be doing a 30-minute demo on Tuesday, November 27 at 3pm PST/6pm EST:

Click this link at 3pm PST/6pm EST:

Access Code: 378-187-271


And I’ll be doing another 30-minute demo at 6pm PST/9pm EST later that same day (Tuesday, November 27):

Click this link at 6pm PST/9pm EST:

Access Code: 764-528-223


If you haven’t yet used Go to Meeting, I’d encourage you to click on the link above now in order to download the software (it takes only 2 minutes) so you can dive right in at one of the times above.

If you wanted to attend but aren’t able to, no problem. Shoot me an email and I’ll happily send you the replay link so you view the demo at a time that’s convenient for you.

Also, if you have a friend or family member who may be interested in creating his or her Best Year ever, please forward this blog post. All are welcome.
Looking forward to showing you this incredible software that helps you create -and live into- your best life!


Kristin Morrison
Certified Best Year Yet! Coach

PS–Please note that there are limited slots available for the above demos so please login early to insure your spot.

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Here’s a recent interview I conducted with Tiffany Manson, Founder and CEO of Pet Pro Office, LLC. Pet Pro Office, LLC is a company that assists pet business owners in administration tasks of all kinds.

Kristin: What got you interested in creating Pet Pro Office?

Tiffany: I began to get overwhelmed with administrative duties during a recent growth spurt in my business, and decided to find a virtual assistant. Once I started looking, though, I couldn’t find anyone who understood the pet industry or knew how to speak to pet parents.
You have to have been exposed to the industry to know what questions to ask and what details are important – that’s true for pet sitters, pet groomers, dog walkers, pet photographers, dog trainers and poop scoopers. There wasn’t a pet industry-specific virtual assistant out there, so I decided if it didn’t exist I’d create it.

Kristin: What services does your company provide?

Tiffany: We provide everything an office employee would – answering phones, screening & answering email, scheduling, new client set-up, invoicing, payroll, social media updates, client contact like newsletters & email blasts, an annual client satisfaction survey, client mailings, blogs, website updates, and paper-to-cloud integration. We’ve even set up a hiring campaign for a Chicago client for whom we screened the applicants, conducted phone interviews and scheduled a full day of interviews so our client could simply show up for the in-person interview and make the hiring decision.

Kristin: How does your service work?

Tiffany: Potential clients contact us and we schedule a phone or video meeting to discuss their service needs. Once the services have been determined, we determine a cost quote and work out a payment plan. The client gives us login information for their social media, voicemail and email accounts and we create a daily/weekly checklist and schedule for the work we’ll be doing for that client – one we’ll use to serve them every day. We maintain very close contact with the client, especially in the first weeks, until we get the regular routine and rhythm established. We send regular reports to the client to let them know exactly what is going on and what we’ve done.

Kristin: How much is the service and how does the pricing structure work?

Tiffany: The service can be as little as $100 a month for online file maintenance – to as much as $2,000 a month for a large company using every service we offer.  We do offer service sets, for instance the Administrative Package covers phone, email, invoicing, scheduling and payroll; the Social Media Package includes daily updates on several SM sights and a weekly blog post. We provide custom quotes for each client depending on what they need.

Kristin: What kind of pet business owner would benefit from using your service?

Tiffany: We typically market to pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, trainers, pet photographers, and poop scoopers. Any pet business owner who doesn’t have their own office staff will benefit from our services. We specialize in pet businesses because we are experienced in the industry and know how to communicate with pet parents. They are a different breed (pun intended). We understand how important their pets are and know what details are truly important when it comes to dealing with pets and their parents.

Kristin: Anything else you’d like to share?

Tiffany: We’re excited to be fulfilling our dream of creating this business that caters to the pet industry and proud that the small businesses all over the country who make up the industry have continued to grow even in the recession. Last year they earned $51 billion dollars from pet parents in the U.S., and 2012 is projected to earn them even more!

We are also happy to report that we used Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy resources and book to help us set up this business.  It may say “pet sitting”, but your wisdom can translate to any industry to help a dream come true!

Click the link to contact Pet Pro Office, LLC.





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I’m so excited to share this news with you… 

In 2011, I became a certified Best Year Yet coach and now, one of the primary focuses of my coaching with pet sitters has been to provide Best Year Coaching in order to help my clients create and experience powerful shifts in business and in their lives.

What that means is simply: I help you create the best year you’ve ever had in work and in your personal life.

In a nutshell, here’s how the Best Year process works:

1. Together we explore your roles, goals, values.

2. In 3 hours we create your most powerful annual plan.

3. We work together monthly to keep you on track.

4. In 12 months you’ve lived your Best Year ever!

Want to find out even more information and create your Best Year ever?

I’ve got a new website that explains everything about my Best Year Coaching. It’s for ANYONE who wants to create the best year of their life.

Click to find out more and to sign up for Best Year coaching today.







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If you are a part of my email newsletter list or one of my Facebook friends, then you probably got my recent survey requesting your suggested topic that you’d like me to speak on at the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) conference in 2013.

Nearly 200 of you pet sitters voted on your favorite topic. (Thank you, thank you!)

The top pick was: How to Hire the Perfect Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers so that’s what I’ll be speaking on. 🙂

I’m excited you picked that topic because it’s one that I’m passionate about. Hiring my own perfect people in my business has enabled me to have more and more freedom and a very rich life in addition to running my wonderful businesses.

I’d love to know if you are coming to the NAPPS conference in San Antonio, Texas in February 2013. Shoot me an email if you are!

And if you want to find out more or want to register for the conference, here’s the link: National Association of Professional Pet Sitters 2013 Conference.




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6FigPetBus_coverEver since I published my book “Six-Figure Pet Sitting”, I’ve been asked by various dog trainers, dog and cat groomers, and doggie day care owners about when I would be writing a book for them to create six-figure success.

Ask and you shall receive!

I’ve recently completed my book that is especially for those who train dogs, groom pets, and run a doggie day care.

It’s called: Six-Figure Pet Business: Unleash the Potential in Your Dog Training, Pet Grooming, and Doggy Daycare Business.

I’m happy to say, it’s getting rave reviews from various dog training and pet grooming associations.

Here is one of the most recent reviews for Six-Figure Pet Business from Martin Deeley, Executive Director of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP):

“As an ex-management lecturer and business consultant I can tell you Six-Figure Pet Business is a first class piece of advice/book for all wishing to start in the pet business.

What I enjoyed about Six-Figure Pet Business was it was simple to understand and broke down all the different barriers to starting and running your own pet business in a way that has you saying – “I can do that!”

It was written in a way that not only explained clearly what to do but also was also enjoyable to read and learn from. The important points at the end of each chapter assists in reinforcing what is read and really pinches home what needs to be done. Even though I have been in the pet business for many years there was so much in this book that got me thinking – ‘yup, I must start doing that’ or ‘I must start doing that again’.

For those wanting to start their own <dog training, dog grooming, doggy day care> business this is essential reading. For those already in business it is a reminder of what we should still be doing or should do, to build success.

I will definitely be recommending Six-Figure Pet Business to all wishing to start their own pet business and those already in it.”

If you are a dog trainer, dog and cat groomer, or doggie day care owner who would like to purchase Six-Figure Pet Business in eBook or printed format, you can find the book for sale on my newest website for those in the pet business industry.

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I’ve had a few pet sitters in the last few months contact me wanting to know how much they can make by selling their pet sitting business.

The answer varies depending upon the value of your business (and I’m not just talking profit here). The standard amount for a business sale is 1.5 to 2 times the average gross earnings of the past 3 years.

Service businesses can sometimes receive a lower sale price because you are selling a service vs. tangible items.

However, with service-based businesses you can often get that amount too (and sometimes more) if:

You can prove that clients don’t associate YOU with the business (if you leave, they may leave too). If your business name is Jennifer’s Pet Care you are going to have a harder time selling your business than Cozy Critters Pet Care might. Also if you have managers managing your business, you are going to have an easier time making more from the sale of your pet sitting business because clients REALLY don’t associate you with the business-they associate whoever picks up the phone on a given day. Also, the new owners won’t have to work so hard if there’s a steady management team in place (though there’s no guarantee that the new managers will stay).

You have good reviews online. Good review means positive goodwill. You want that! And the new owners will too. And they will pay more money to get an established business that has a glowing reputation.

Your gross (and especially net) have increased the last three years. The net relates to profit after expenses and if your net is increasing your profit is increasing. If you’ve increased your business by 10-20+% each year in the last three years, then a buyer will be willing to pay A LOT more for your business because they will anticipate the business being able to continue to grow and grow and grow under their care.

You’ve been in business for seven years or longer. A lot of businesses close up shop in the first three or five years. If you have survived -and better yet- thrived- in the many years you’ve been businesses, then you will be able to garner more money for your business.

Some pet sitters are done after a few years. Others can’t imagine doing anything else. No matter where you are on the spectrum, it’s important to remember that your business is an investment. It could be your retirement savings the way selling a big house might be. Be conscious well in advance of where you are on the ‘do-I-want-to-sell-my-pet-sitting-business spectrum because at least three years prior to sale you will want to begin to make sure all your ducks are in a row in order to garner the highest price!

I provide coaching and supportive guidance for those of you who are considering selling your business.

For more information about how I can help you set up your business to be the large investment for your future that it could be, contact me.

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Whee! I love giving out free stuff that pet sitters and dog walkers can use immediately to skyrocket their business to success.

The latest goody I have for you is this: 100+ FREE and low cost websites to list your business online.

Having your website listed on other websites is one of the most important ways you can raise your search engine ranking. This means you’ll get higher up on the search engines and get more clients. Wa-hoo!

Click to go to our website page where you can now download your free 100+places to list your pet sitting and dog walking business online.

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petsitting_cover_lowres_12.22Another review for my book, Six-Figure Pet Sitting.

Thank you, Therese Kopiwoda of for the lovely book review. 🙂

Here it is:

Six-Figure Pet Sitting: Catapult Your Pet Sitting Business to Unlimited Success by Kristin Morrison of Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy, covers a wide range of topics to help pet sitters create a successful business. This includes writing a business plan, managing finances, organization techniques, marketing, hiring employees, customer service, and other subjects essential to operating a business. Where Six Figure Pet Sitting differs from other books geared to the pet sitting industry though, is that Kristin also stresses the personal and emotional aspects of operating a business.

In her book, Kristin asks people to dig deep and think about their goals, desires, and aspirations in order to create a business that works for them. Through years of working with professional pet sitters, she has developed exercises to help her clients define the what, how, and why of what they envision as a successful business – as well as a successful personal life. Once they are clear what that means, and what their goals are, she helps them put it all together to create a plan that will enable them to achieve those goals. She essentially takes an all encompassing approach to helping her clients, and her readers, create a better life.

Kristin includes some of the exercises she uses with her coaching clients in her book. Some of them are in the form of action steps such as organizing your office, setting up your bookkeeping, writing a marketing letter, etc. Others are more introspective, and require you to list your successes, failures, shortcomings, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. in your business and personal life. They will require some thought, and will likely challenge you. But if you go through the action steps and exercises as she suggests, you will get a clearer idea of what you want and how to get there.

The goal of Six Figure Pet Sitting isn’t just to help people create a successful pet sitting business – although that certainly is one goal. The bigger goal is to help people create a fulfilling life by building a business doing what they love. I highly recommend it to all pet sitters, regardless of how long you’ve been in business. In fact, even though I’ve owned my own business since 2001, her advice has me changing the way I do some things. And, I might add,  it’s all for the better. Thank You, Kristin!”

Thanks again, Therese of PetSit USA. It’s reviews like this that make all of those nights and weekends I spent writing the book completely worth it! 🙂

And for those of you who are interested in getting the book, it’s available in printed format on Amazon or in eBook format on my website.

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